Amy Attenborough​

Amy Attenborough​

Amy is a South African-born safari guide, yoga teacher and life coach that leads transformational experiences in Africa’s wilderness areas. After gaining ten years guiding experience at three of South Africa’s most prestigious lodges, she founded Wild Again to lead specialised wellness safaris. These amplify our re-connection to nature through yoga, meditation, curated silence and specially crafted wilderness experiences and she now travels throughout the continent sharing her love of all things wild. Amy shares the practices and learnings that have helped her drop out of the verbal mind and deeper into feeling and have brought her closer to nature throughout her life. It’s through these experiences that her guests re-discover the wisdom of nature that lives within each of them.


Loving What Is Yoga Flow


Mind Boby Practice, Holistic Health

This is a Hatha-inspired slow flow intended to help you drop deeply in feeeeeeling. Through slow, intentional, meticulous movement we start to really see what’s going on inside and meet any resistance with love, which is the alchemical gold of yoga.

Come sink into the delicious sensation of your body. Open to all levels of experience. As you learn to meet all sensation with non-reactivity you regain true power.

Learning To Speak With Trees: A forest bathing experience


Nature Connection, Holistic Health

Did you know that trees can heal people? Or that trees communicate with each other? That they keep each other alive when one is sick or slow the growth of their young to benefit them later in life? The power of trees is something ancient healers have known intuitively for centuries and western science is just catching up to. We now have proof that trees have real and measurable impacts on our wellbeing and on our immune systems. Come join us as we drop into our bodies, engage all our senses, and learn TO CONNECT with some of Mauritius’ pristine, indigenous forest including a 600 year old ebony tree. There is a part of everyone that feels at home in nature, so allow yourself to come home to the forest. This forest bathing practice will serve you anywhere in the world after this.

Tales Of A Game Ranger: Wild animals and what they taught me about life outside my comfort zone


Nature Connection, Personal Development

The stories of a South African game ranger and her awakening experiences with animals. Although these are one woman’s experiences they are universal stories. One particular story Amy Attenborough recounts is about the night a wild elephant touched the crown of her head through her tent and elephants had always intimidated her most. It pushed her well out of her comfort zone but she realised you can only be as happy as you allow yourself to be scared. Come hear tales from the wild and the wisdom in nature’s encounters that are ultimately your story too.