Lindsay Kassem

Lindsay Kassem

Lindsay is a nutrigenomics counselor and health coach, personalizing one’s health & happiness based on one’s genetic makeup, health issues, & stress levels.

She started on the corrective pharmaceutical side, but when she encountered numerous health & stress-related issues, she became passionate about how the preventative side root-cause based approaches were much more efficient and effective.

She guides each person on a journey (no forced diets nor digging through childhood wounds) to optimize their weight, nutrition, and clear negative emotions. Leaving each person feeling fully empowered, lighter, more free, healthy, and at much greater peace.


PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE: Sensory Experience & Meditation
[session touches on all dimensions except art]


Holistic Health, Personal Development

“Harness the best from your past, awaken the senses in the present, and manifest your future

Past – Meditative journey revisiting your best memories, relishing growth, and reflecting on how certain past events have shaped you.

Present – Dynamic segment to seize the seven senses with a taste nutrition, visions of picturesque nature, refreshing smells, nice sounds, calming touch, open movement, and keen intuition.

Future – Meditative visualization for the future merged with the best from the past & present, paving the way to a future that ignites you.