Natasha Boojiwahon

Natasha Booljiwahon

British-born Mauritian, Natasha Anand Boojihawon has been on a journey of self-mastery over the last 17 years. She is qualified in Naturopathic medicine, Internal family Systems Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine, Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Her intuitive and integrated practice draws on the Himalayan Yog-Vedantic and Tantric tradition, natural medicine, holistic frameworks and conscious youth and community development work. Natasha Anand draws much experience from her own journey overcoming 2 autoimmune conditions (ulcerative colitis and iritis), hormone imbalances, emotional and spiritual health crisis, addiction, burnout and ancestral trauma and guides other awakening souls to find their power and heal themselves.


Conscious Relating to Self & Other


Personal Development

Never before has the poloarised nature of this world been so apparent. All around us we see families, political parties, couples, activists and even national leaders pitch against each other as sides are drawn in all arenas of life. We find ourselves triggered in the face of difference and often feel compelled to defend our personal position. These reactions create high levels of emotional tension and can feed into fear patterns and deepen polarity. On this evening we will discuss how conscious beings can maintain a dignified sense of presence in these times and use the reactive energy to deepen connection to self, expand consciousness and hasten the path to unity.

How to Spiritually Awakening, Gently



The process of awakening or enlightenment often starts unexpectedly when we face a challenging situation and can feel disorienting. We often default to feelings of difficulty, fear, discomfort, unworthiness, blame, shame and other lower vibrational feeling states. How can we transform these challenging experiences into the fuel for a gentle awakening to our true potential and power? How can we move through these new phases of awakening with grace and ease? How can we let go of the need to hold onto the old and resist the new? How can we open up and embrace our spiritual awakening?

Consciousness, Karma & Kundalini



You are SOUL experiencing itself as body, mind, consciousness, nature, energy. Our kundalini energy is the fundamental power that enlivens our body, mind and soul. When we clear stagnant energies, awaken the kundalini and other energy systems – we get access to greater depths of Self, connection to nature and human experience.

We can clear trauma, karma and programming which binds us to the lower realms and prevents us from evolving into our full potential.

We can raise our consciousness and deserving power, connect to who we really are, step into our true essence and power and manifest our reality.