France Guillain

France Guillain

France Guillain is a famous skipper, who sailed around the world many times with her very young children. She started from Tahiti, sailing to Pacific islands, Philippines, New Guinea, Europe, Florida, etc, during 17 years. She is a mix of Polynesian, African, Spanish and Russian blood. She studied physics and mathematics, music and went to study health to keep her family safe. She has written bestsellers and longsellers, some of them are translated in the USA, Great Britain, Italia, Spain, etc. She published 65 books until now. She’s been more than 700 times on TV, a lot of newspapers until nowadays. She has a lot of good reasons to contribute to the well being of Mauritius!


Oxidation and the inflammatory state are the two killers in modern life : how avoid them ?


Holistic Health

Oxidation damages our cells, our immunity is lowered, our skin ages as do our bones and intestines. The causes are mainly the food we eat and the failure to masticate.

Raw organic vegetables are the best answer to oxidation, including oxidative stress.

Inflammation is responsible for triggering diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, ankylosing spondylitis, cancer, many rheumatic illnesses, cold intolerance and a host of other illnesses as diabete’s and overweight.